Helpful resources for peer-review of statistical methods

Have you been asked to peer-review the statistical aspects of a research paper? Here are some helpful resources.

Statistical reviewing for medical journals

Use of check lists in assessing the statistical content of medical studies

Guidelines for Reporting of Statistics in European Urology

Quality and value: Statistics in peer-review

Statistical errors in medical research – a review of common pitfalls

Statistical reviewing policies of medical journals

Methods and Biostatistics: a concise guide for peer reviewers

Guidelines for Statistical Reporting in Articles for Medical Journals: Amplifications and Explanations

Detailed guidelines for reporting quantitative research in Health & Social Care in the Community

Statistical Problems to Document and to Avoid

How to ensure your paper is rejected by the statistical reviewer

Statistics for biologists – A free Nature Collection

The New Statistics: Why and How

Too many digits: the presentation of numerical data


TREND-Statement (for non-randomized trials)

STARD-Statement (diagnostics)

CONSORT-Statement (RCTs)


BMJ: Effect of using reporting guidelines during peer review on quality of final manuscripts submitted to a biomedical journal: masked randomised trial

Proposed Revised Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice